KMS StyleColor

For fun ways to push your creative boundaries, try KMS StyleColor - a new series of easy to use and temporary color sprays. With even results on dark or light hair, StyleColor provides a temporary, waterproof blast of color that stays put until you shampoo it out. This approach to hair color ensures that you can accentuate styles without a permanent commitment.


Inspired by the sights of Toronto, the StyleColor series is a nod to the city’s sense of diversity, open-mindedness, and commitment to urban artistry. Available in a range of nine tones, StyleColor invites you to change your hair color as often as you would change your style. The StyleColor line includes: Iced Concrete, Smokey Lilac, Stone Wash Denim, Brushed Gold, Dusky Blonde, Rusty Copper, Frosted Brown, Raw Mocha, and Vintage Blush.