Jagged Terrain

The latest collection by Melbourne-based husband and wife team Jamie Furlan and Danielle Solier of Xiang Hair, Jagged Terrain is inspired by the Japanese view of Wabi-Sabi: the nurturing of all that is authentic and beautiful through the acknowledgment of three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.  

Jagged Terrain by Xiang HairJagged Terrain by Xiang HairJagged Terrain by Xiang Hair

The Wabi-Sabi concept derives from Buddhist teachings and beliefs, which are characterized by aesthetics including asymmetry and irregularity, minimalism and simplicity, and the integrity and appreciation of natural objects and processes.

This hairstyle series was built around these principles and inspired by the hidden beauty within imperfect, incomplete, and irregular shapes and forms. From blunt forms to irregular and high volume and shape, juxtaposed to the most minimal and straightforward shape and use of positive and negative space, Jagged Terrain is an accurate representation of the Wabi-Sabi concept. It makes an unsuspecting hero out of the usual suspect - ‘the imperfect natural.’ The sense of belonging to a dehydrated landscape, parched earth, and a strong sense of dust, thirst, and heat permeate every image throughout the collection.

Coupled with the exquisite use of earthy influences in the color work, this collection acts as a femininely passive yin to the creative, active yang of the strong silhouettes and graphic styling: a true tour de force.

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Danielle Solier of Xiang Hair Danielle Solier started her career in Melbourne with Xiang Hair as a promising young apprentice, during which time she was awarded a double state finalist in L’Oréal Colour Trophy 2004. At the national finals of the same year, Danielle was also recognized internationally by none other than British hairdressing supremo Zoe Irwin and by the L’Oréal France team, each having picked Danielle’s shots as their preferred winner. 

After completing her apprenticeship in Australia, the bright lights of London beckoned, and Danielle moved overseas to work with iconic UK super-group Headmasters, then headed up by Zoe Irwin. During her time in the UK, Danielle was awarded a finalist position in the L’Oréal Colour trophy and was promoted to Salon Educator, where she discovered her passion in sharing her knowledge within the hairdressing industry. 

 Returning to Xiang Hair in 2007, Danielle became a partner in the company and is now the Director of Education for the salon group, a role which involves mentoring and teaching up-and-coming hairdressers as well as new staff. 

Jamie Furlan of Xiang Hair Jamie’s love affair with hairdressing started fifteen years ago and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. He’s a business partner and current Creative Director across the four-salon group where his schedule always has a wait-list. It’s as a session stylist and educator that allows Jamie’s experimental side to take center stage.

Like most hairdressers, Jamie looks to fashion as a critical source of inspiration. Having lived in Melbourne’s hip Northcote suburb since he was born, it’s meant that Jamie has always been able to find his finger on the pulse of ‘the next thing’ concerning style. Increasingly Jamie finds himself drawn to contemporary art and architecture as a source of creative vision. Shape, angles, and lines form the backbone of his work, so his heart skips a beat at the chance of replicating structure in hair. 

 “Collaborating with stylists, photographers, and other hairdressers on shows, film, exhibitions, and editorial campaigns keeps my creative juices flowing and makes me constantly rethink and improve my aesthetic!” – Jamie Furlan


Hair: Jamie Furlan • Hair Color: Danielle Solier • Makeup: Julie Provis • Wardrobe: Elaine Marshall • Photography: Andrew O’Toole 

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