Irvine & Louise Rusk

Accomplished hairdressers and modern day industry icons, Irvine and Louise Rusk are among the greats of hair design. They have been internationally respected for decades for introducing the most fashion-forward cuts, creating new shapes, and infusing the looks with radiant hair color. Matching the Rusk’s artistry is their dedication to sharing their knowledge, inspiration and creativity, and empowering professional stylists to push the boundaries of style. Today, the RUSK brand owes the Rusk’s not just the brand name, but its heritage. 

From the Beginning

Irvine started cutting hair at the age of 16 and met his first wife, Rita, by age 21. They married in 1970, opened their first salon in their home town of Glasgow and soon welcomed a son. By 1978 they had built a lucrative hairdressing empire and enjoyed the spoils of their efforts but the success strained their marriage and by the late eighties, they parted ways. Rita remained in Scotland while Irvine moved to the states for a fresh start.

By 1993 Irvine married Louise Rodgers, an accomplished hairdresser in her own right, and the two built a new life together in America. They soon started a family together and worked tirelessly to build their line of hair care products aptly named RUSK. 

Eager to grow the line into a reputable, mid-sized company, the Rusks slowly built up the business, personally visiting every distributor and working hard to nurture the relationships. They were determined to make it as a manufacturer, as they had the passion, the energy and the desire. Several years and over 200 products later the hard work and persistence paid off and their line successfully branched out across the globe.

In 2003 Conair Corporation purchased the RUSK brand and although the Rusks are no longer involved in the day-to-day business of the line, they do continue to inspire the Rusk Creative Team. They help produce cuts, color, and styling tools that bring to life the attitude that continues to define the brand – edgy innovation that inspires individual artistry.        

In 2012 the Rusks launched the Irvine Rusk Academy in Boston, which offers both basic and advanced education, to help build the next generation of innovators and pioneers, celebrity stylists, educators, trendsetters.

"Once you’re a hairdresser, you’re always a hairdresser. Wherever you are, whatever you do, you always notice the hair because it has such an impact on the wearer’s confidence and attitude."  - The Rusks