Hair Rescue Bars

Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bars

My. Hair Care has recently launched Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bars. Designed to hydrate, smooth, add volume, or purify pollution, these four, easy-travel, soap-free bars offer a pH level of 5.5 to maintain the scalp's natural moisture levels. Free from silicones, palm oils, SLS/SLES, sodium hydroxide, and lye, Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bars and are vegan with no animal testing. They are safe and gentle for use on hair and body.

Solid bars use natural clay-based coloring, are biodegradable, and use significantly less water during production than liquid shampoo. There’s also no plastic bottle waste, so they are better for the environment.

The Rescue Range        

Rescue My. Hair Hydrate Shampoo Bar

Has moisturizing and hydro-active properties to rejuvenate hair. Contains extracts of aloe vera, prickly pear, and carob seed extract with bergamot and rose fragrance.

Rescue My. Hair Smooth Shampoo Bar

Cleanses and smooths hair with a synergistic blend of five oils to moisturize, smooth, and reduce frizz. Contains wild rose seed oil extract, olive oil, grape-seed oil, corn germ oil, and sunflower seed oil with patchouli and sandalwood fragrance.

Rescue My. Hair Volume Shampoo Bar

Will cleanse hair and scalp to enhance hair and volume. Bean amino acids add strength. Contains extracts of soja germ, fava bean extract, pea extract, and kidney bean extract with a lotus and cherry blossom fragrance. 

Rescue My. Hair Pollution Patrol Shampoo Bar

Cleanses hair and scalp. Enriched with oat protein that purifies and soothes all hair types and scalps with a cucumber and violet fragrance.  

How To Use Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bar

  • Wet hair. Rub Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bar between wet hands to lather up.
  • Rub lather into the scalp using fingertips.
  • Rinse and repeat as needed.
  • Follow with conditioner.

How To Take Care of Your Shampoo Bar

Rescue My. Hair Shampoo Bars do not contain artificial preservatives or hardeners and require a little care to prolong their life.

  • Don't let your shampoo bar sit or drown in water.
  • Make sure your shampoo bar is exposed to fresh air between uses allowing it to dry.
  • Store your used shampoo bar on a well-drained soap dish.
  • Store unused shampoo bars in a dry, dark and cool place like a drawer or cupboard.
  • Don’t seal or airtight your shampoo bar for long periods of time.