Color Zoom 2017

Highlighting an incredible display of talent, Goldwell Color Zoom took place in Barcelona on October 8, 2017. Hairdressers from across the globe came together to celebrate the winners of three categories including New Talent, Creative Color and Partner, or colorists who have worked with Goldwell as a freelancer, trainer or guest artist. These winners, along with 90 other competitors, were asked to share their interpretations of In-Flux, a design trend that features dark backgrounds with elegant and daring highs and lows on strong silhouettes. 

The Winners:

Creative Colorist: 

  • Gold: Dylan Tung, Singapore 
  • Silver: Lauren Kocman, USA 
  • Bronze: Caroline Brand, United Kingdom 
  • Stylist's Favorite Awards: Futoun Ahmed Hakim, United Arab States

New Talent Colorist: 

  • Gold: Maxim Sotnikov, Russia 
  • Silver: Sam Lim Sze Shien, Malaysia 
  • Bronze: Ayaka Tanioka, Japan 
  • Stylist's Favorite Awards: Lydia Wolfe, United Kingdom 

Partner Colorist: 

  • Gold: Mio Sota, USA
  • Silver: Velette Huang, Taiwan
  • Bronze: Sean Chiu, Hong Kong
  • Stylist's Favorite Awards: Maarten Schapendonk, Netherlands 

Color Zoom Hall of Fame:
Agnes Westerman, The Netherlands Mario Krankl, Austria

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