Go Big Like J-Lo

Jennifer Lopez's Full Volume CurlsHave a special occasion coming up? Go big with curvy curls, just like Jennifer Lopez’s volumized red carpet look. Session hairstylist Annah Anders breaks it all down in one-two-three-easy steps.

  • Prep: Start with volumizing foam applied all over on damp hair. Add root lift spray at the front hairline and on top of the head. Next, blow dry hair in sections using a round brush. Lift each section up and away from the root for lift and then roll the brush several times to create a curvy roll.

  • Curl: Lift a section of dry hair straight up off of the scalp. Comb through to remove any tangles within that section. Mist section with working spray, wrap around a large or extra-large hot roller and clip roller up to cool. Continue with each section until all hair has been rolled up onto hot rollers. Allow to cool completely.

  • Style: Unclip and roll each section, removing the curler. Once all rollers have been removed, run a wide-toothed comb through hair to break up sections. Turn head upside down and mist with more working spray. Turn right side up again and finger-style hair into place. Tease hair slightly at the root as needed. Mist all over with finishing spray to hold in place throughout your occasion.

Image courtesy Instagram