Ash Infusions

Fudge Professional has collaborated with the award-winning X-presion creative team the collection, Ash Infusions. With signature looks such as #xpresionpixel, #xpresionthreads, and braille color, X-presion are true pioneers of coloring techniques, and nowhere is this more apparent than in this new Ash Infusions photographic collection, where styles are rendered in the Headpaint Ash Infusions capsule palette, with stunning effects.

Founded in 2005, X-presion is a collective of three young entrepreneurs from Madrid whose work aims to explore and develop new cutting, coloring and dressing techniques through a mix of different artistic disciplines, materials, and concepts. Their synergistic dedication to artistic and educational research and development provides the brand ethos so necessary for Fudge Professional collaborators.

“When creating a collection, for us, it’s all about the education and encouraging hairdressers to not just look at the surface of the style but look at the whole transformation and movement. Our signature techniques create an almost 3D dimension into the hair; this #GraphicBalayage with disruptive roots look shows how you can create movement and get a really cool effect. We want hairdressers to dream about new ways to use color to create thousands of possibilities. We loved the challenge of working with the new Fudge Professional Headpaint Ash Infusions in our signature style. It was truly an experience to create a pale vision of our renowned techniques; Silver Lilac, Rose Quartz, and Graphite are beautiful colors on their own, but we really like that we could play by mixing them to achieve different intensities and depths.” 

- X-PRESION Creative Studio