Frizz-Busting for Curls

Designed to meet the needs of curly, coily, wavy, and textured hair, Curlisto recently announced the launch of Frizz Free Serum. The new styling product enhances the control, health, and luster of hair, redefining the battle against frizz. This lightweight serum doesn’t weigh hair down as it helps hair resist humidity and prevents flyaways.

Curlisto Frizz Free Serum

With ingredients such as biotin, plant oils, and peptides, Curlisto Frizz Free Serum's proprietary Curlplex Technology is specially formulated to rebond, replenish, protect, strengthen, and nourish all textured hair. The Frizz Free Serum is alcohol-free, making it a gentle and non-stripping option for a long-lasting frizz-fighting solution.

To use, simply apply one or two pumps of the serum to wet or dry hair and style as usual.

Embrace your day with confidence, knowing that Curlisto's Frizz Free Serum allows you to maintain flawless curls throughout the day. Hairstylists and clients alike can rely on Curlisto's unwavering commitment to supporting the curly hair community and addressing their distinctive hair care needs.