Fall Color Scene

With the change in the season, so too is a shift in hair color. In a recent conversation ColorProof Education Director Erica Conan broke down what's on-trend for fall. Here's what this color expert had to say: 

What hair color trends do you see being especially popular this fall? 

I'm seeing a lot of dramatic changes to hair color this fall. People are searching for ways to feel empowered after the last year and a half of challenges, and a bold change in hair color awakens confidence and feeds our craving for empowerment.  

Rich reds, deep brunettes, and creamy blondes are being likened to fall favorites we all know, so when searching for inspiration, or talking to your stylist about changing your color, use descriptive words that really express what you're looking for. Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and merlot for red shades. Espresso, chocolate, or bronze for brunettes. Cappuccino, caramel, and butter for blonde hair.  

We are also seeing a trend of adding warmth to color in the fall, so even if you're not ready for a dramatic change, you can start adding new, warmer tones to your signature color.   

How about placement/color techniques?  

A lot of face-framing, chunky, pops of color in the fringe section, you really can't go wrong with this one, it adds character and interest to your style whether you choose a natural or fashion color. Ombre is another staple but now with a grown-up feel to it with more subtle contrast and added softness by incorporating highlights and babylights throughout. 

What is the go-to duo you recommend for home color care?

Keeping your new color-rich, on-tone, and shiny is just as important as the color you choose. I find a lot of people don't understand the things we do daily that cause hair color to fade faster. Products we use, styling habits, and sun damage all contribute to hair color fading. 

I only recommend ColorProof to color-treated clients because it protects from all of these factors. Three products I feel everyone needs to have are SuperRich Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and treat. 

Photo Credits: 

Hair: Team Tête d'Affiche Academy • Makeup: Ambre Thomas • Wardrobe Styling: Crystel Pilone • Photography: Pascal Latil
Hair: Alexandre Cruzel & Maggie Pacheco •  Makeup: Mariana Miteva  •  Wardrobe Styling: Véronique Suchet • Photography: Pascal Latil
Hair: Noel Halligan and Corey Taylor at NOCO Hair, Bristol • Makeup: Shari Knowles •  Photography: Amanda Thomas