Exquisite Hair

To mark its 60th birthday, René Furterer reflects on the essential language of hair. In its purest expression, stripped of all artifice, the health and beauty of hair is revealed. An echo of the brand’s cult products, the latest collection speaks to the very heart of the René Furterer promise...

Profusion - KARITÉ Ritual

“Profusion” speaks to the opulence and richness of René Furterer haircare. Feminine and luxuriant, the extraordinary health of the hair takes center stage. KARITÉ Ritual is a deeply nourishing collection for very dry, damaged hair, enriched with a unique combination of Shea Oil, Shea Butter, Cimentrio and Wheat Microproteins, to help repair and regenerate hair from within while restoring comfort to the scalp, leaving strands infinitely soft, shiny and perfectly detangled.

Force - COMPLEXE 5 Regenerating plant extract

An expression of strength, vitality, and mastery, “Force” thrusts the hair to new heights. The incarnation of essential hair treatment according to René Furterer. Because beautiful hair only grows from a healthy scalp, COMPLEXE 5 regenerating plant extract is the quintessential treatment for strengthening hair from the roots. Its unique concentration purifies the scalp and increases its microcirculation for healthy hair. A scalp massage with COMPLEXE 5 is the first step before shampooing to make all René Furterer treatments more effective.

Cascade - 5 SENS Ritual

“Cascade” speaks of voluptuousness, of glamour, and of emotion. The beauty of the hair is magnetic and bewitching. This look was created by using 5 SENS Enhancing hair and body care. This sublime and captivating collection is infused with a powerful blend of five natural oils - Almond, Avocado, Castor, Jojoba, Safflower - to nourish, protect and enhance all hair types.

Grace - VOLUMEA Ritual

The sweeping locks in “Grace” whisper of softness. Airy and ethereal, the hair is perfect in its elegance. VOLUMEA volumizing care is infused with natural Carob extract that weightlessly coats and plumps each hair strand to deliver visible amplifying volume from the roots to ends. This volumizing system provides long-lasting airy fullness with enhanced body and bounce.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Credits: The René Furterer Paris Artistic Team • Products: René Furterer • Photography: Greg Conraux • Makeup: Julie Nozières • Artistic Direction: Seven Creativity & Consulting Ltd (London) • Beauty Artistic Direction: Gregory Kaoua & Ben Wrobel