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Known for his innate sense of “total look” finishing, Belgium’s William De Ridder offers a breathtaking glimpse into his world of beauty. With a chilly palette and a warm welcome, this award-winning artist fuses precision cuts with seasonally-inspired color. His most recent work offers icy pastel-laced blondes, hand-painted reds, and deep brunettes with pops of color that ignite the imagination and please the eye. 
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The Color of William De RidderThe Color of William De RidderThe Color of William De Ridder

William De RidderWilliam De Ridder, along with his award-winning educators at De Ridder Academy, are some of the most talented hairdressers in Belgium. His academy instructs in the art of hairdressing at international shows in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver (ABA) San Juan, St-Petersburg, Moscow, London, and New York, and was a headliner at the ABS on Chicago in 2015.

William De Ridder is a member of the European central division and the I.C.D World Pool artists and Artistic Director for Intercoiffure Belgium. He has been knighted by Intercoiffure Mondiale in Paris for his artistic contribution and received a medal for his professional merits from HRH queen Fabiola of Belgium.

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Row 1 - Hair:  William De Ridder  •  Makeup: Van rie  •  Wardrobe: Vankets Nicky  •  Photo: Pat Verbruggen 

Rows 2 & 3 - Hair:  William De Ridder  •  Makeup: Chris Delano  •  Wardrobe: Riona Neve  •  Photo: Pat Verbruggen

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