Click n Curl

A round brush with a set of detachable brush heads that create amazing volume and loose flowing curls, Click n Curl is the must-have hair tool for achieving a salon-quality blowout at home, both saving you time and money. The detachable handle turns the brush heads into a roller, allowing each section of hair to cool and set while you continue styling. Unlike other styling tools, Click n Curl allows you to dry and style your hair all in one step.

“The idea for Click n Curl came about years ago. I was styling my hair when the handle from my round brush broke off leaving the barrel stuck in my hair. While I was initially frustrated, I quickly saw this malfunction resulted in an incredibly voluminous curl and l knew I needed a whole set of these,” explains Kim Nimsgern, President of Casual Panache, Inc. and creator of Click n Curl. “As a mother of two who works full-time, I know first-hand that there is never enough time in the morning! When I realized I could cut my hair styling routine almost in half with Click n Curl, I knew I was on to something. It became my mission to create a line of easy-to-use products that would help women save time and feel beautiful and confident every day.”

Click n Curl brush barrels, currently available in small, medium and large sizes, are lightweight and vented for quicker drying time. Each barrel features a ceramic coating which helps to minimize frizz, is gentler on the hair shaft, heats fast and evenly and cools just as quickly. The nylon bristles on the brush are designed to prevent tangles and to hold rollers in place without clips. The universal lightweight handle is shaped for comfort and textured for a no-slip grip, with a convenient release button for detaching the brush head. 

How to use Click n Curl:

Step 1: Start with damp hair that is combed through with a wide tooth comb to get out all of the knots, and apply a heat protectant and your favorite styling product.

Step 2: Stand brush barrels on end in an easy-to-reach location and attach the handle to the first barrel.  Work with one section of hair at a time and use the brush and a hairdryer to smooth and dry hair from root to tip.

Step 3: Once the first section of hair is dry, wrap it around the barrel, ensuring it lies on top of the brush and that the ends are smooth against the barrel. Make sure to always keep the blow-dryer at least two inches away from the barrel at all times.

Step 4: Continue to roll until the barrel is tight against the scalp and at the root of that section. Give the brush a gentle shake back and forth against the scalp to set the roller in place and detach the handle from the barrel.

Step 5: Attach the next barrel and repeat until all of your hair is done. Wait until the barrels are completely cooled and slowly unwind them using both hands in an upward and outward direction to prevent tangling.

Barrels are available in four sizes including extra-small (1 inch), small (1.25 inch barrel), medium (1.75 inch barrel) and large (2.125 inch barrel). Full Sets are available in each size and come with six brushes and a universal handle. Also available are Expansion Kits in all four sizes that consist of 3 extra barrels and drawstring storage bag. Click n Curl is available online and in select salons across the country.