Classic Style @ Grammys

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards returned to NYC where actress Hailee Steinfeld graced the red carpet with a modernistic spin on a timeless trend. Check out how to re-create her gorgeous style with CHI Haircare products.

Will need: 1 1/4’’ Dura CHI Curling Iron or Marcel, 2 Duck Bill Clips, CHI Straight Guard, CHI Finishing Pomade, CHI Infra Texture.

Spray CHI Straight Guard from mid-shaft to the ends. Curve part the front hairline, above the uppermost corner of left eyebrow. Clip the top section and set aside. Begin curling large sections at nape area (2-3 inches) leaving ends semi-straight. Keep to the same pattern of the curl throughout (counter or clockwise).  Lightly spray each section as you move up.

Take the clipped section, comb to the right side and curl 1-inch sections away from the face. Take top curled hair, spray CHI Infra Texture at the roots, roll up with your finger, and pin hair with a clip. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before taking down.
Apply a small amount of CHI Finishing Pomade to the left front hairline and tuck hair behind the left ear. Comb the hair curls out and gently spray with CHI Infra Texture.
Photo Courtesy Instagram:@maneaddicts