Celebrity Trends for Men

Hairstyles for men are becoming more unique and creative. Celebrities and your average Joes are adopting looks that are right off the runway yet allow them to customize for a more personal and individualized interpretation of a look. What may have once been a sea of indistinguishable crew cuts has turned into high and low fades, long, feathered locks, and slicked-back chic.

Keep up with the trends with these three looks and products to create and maintain them: 

Celebrity Trends for MenGrown-Out Feathered Waves

Make waves with this grown-out feathered, layered look sported by actor Tom Holland. This slightly tousled yet still groomed approach leaves hair looking voluminous and textured. Other celebs like Bradley Cooper and Harry Styles have also been known to rock their version of grown-out locks. To achieve this tousled look, use mop volume whip to support curls and texture and add volume. This whip creates moveable volume with a medium hold while adding a touch of moisture and shine, resulting in gorgeous hair. 

Slicked Back Chic

On the search for a hairstyle to rock at the next black-tie event? The slicked-back chic look is a go-to for Leonardo DiCaprio and many others on the red carpet, but it can also be achieved by anyone using mop firm hold gel. 

The Quiff

Give some flare to a neat and tidy hairstyle with a tasteful but fashion-forward quiff. This look consists of a tight fade through the sides and back of the head, building weight to transition into longer lengths on top for height and volume. Zayn Malik is no stranger to unique hairstyles, and this is one of his more iconic looks. Use mop lemongrass lift to first prep the hair for this look. To get this style to stick, finish with mop firm hold clay. Separate, define and create texture while delivering a firm, long-lasting hold.