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I have always been astounded by human ingenuity, believing that each one of us has, within ourselves, the ability to do amazing things if we can just learn to release the creativity to explore all possibilities without reservation. 
Norm Wright Headshot
Recently, while browsing through a sea of social posts, a small cluster of images caught my attention that had been posted by multiple award-winning hair artist, Norm Wright. He was sharing with his friends and followers, pre-production photographs of what he did to create the wardrobe for his INTREPID collection. I reached out to Norm and asked if he would consider allowing me to share his inspiration with our FocusOnHair audience, and he was kind enough to oblige. As a former set builder myself, I found his resourcefulness quite exciting. By sharing Norm’s insight, I hope the artist in you will be unbridled to explore your own possibilities for your next collection.
“Never deviate from your mental picture, if it comes from the heart it is always right”

~ Norm Wright

Collective by Steven Smart

The Wardrobe Creation of the
INTREPID Collection

Intrepid by Norm Wright

Mustering the courage to attempt to create the wardrobe for this shoot was one of my biggest challenges to date but I found my inspiration through the precision work of Dutch High Tech Couture Designer, Iris van Herpen.
As always, before I begin my process, I envision the entire picture and I soon discovered that one of the most challenging things attached to this production was determining the materials to use.
First, a full-size mannequin was necessary to help with the wearability of the pieces I would set out to design. Plumber's tubing, welding wire, and window screen were the basis for the foundation. The shoulder straps were created from the handles of a dollar store laundry bag. Then, copper and gold spray paint was used along with spray adhesive and some glitter…VOILA

Intrepid Wardrobe Creation
Intrepid Wardrobe CreationThis piece is also inspired by the precision work of Iris van Herpen. Using clothespins and a glue gun, I separated the springs from the clothespins, then glued them together in groups of 14, giving me a half sun appearance. I then started experimenting with the placement to obtain the optimum shape for the corset. I wired the pieces together to hold the desired shape, then finished it by spray painting with a matte black finish.
Intrepid Wardrobe
Intrepid Wardrobe Creation
Intrepid Model #3As with my first two models, this entire collection is a tribute to the work of Iris van Herpen. 
I purchased wire strapping for this piece, It's the metal strapping used to strap boxes to pallet skids with. Taking measurements from my model and from the mannequin, I began cutting the strapping into the desired lengths. Then I drilled holes, and with my rivet tool, I secured the pieces into the shape I envisioned. After the piece looked and fit as I imagined, I painted it with a black matte finish, and voila!Norm Wright
Intrepid Wardrobe Creation

Production Credits
Hair &  Wardrobe |  Norm Wright 
Makeup | Ekatarina Ulyanoff 
Photo | Natasha Gerschon 
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