Inspired by the natural light phenomenon in the northern sky, Rossa Jurenas’ colorful hair creations offer a dramatic and slightly magical display that fascinates the eye. A dance of yellow, magenta, even green add sparks of warmth through shades of celestial blue, teal, and purple coolness for a showcase of color that's both fresh and entrancing. 
Collective by Steven Smart
Aurora by Rossa JurenasAurora by Rossa Jurenas P2Aurora by Rossa Jurenas P3Aurora by Rossa Jurenas P4Aurora by Rossa Jurenas P5
Rossa Jurenas Headshot

Production Credits
Creative Director/Hair: Rossa Jurenas  |  MakeUp: Rachel Hilton
Fashion Designer: Adrien Arnieri  |  Wardrobe Stylist: Adrien Arnieri
Photographer: Ivan Otis  |   Products by: Swartzkopf

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