Amika Refreshes Line

Amika recently revealed new packaging for its line of hair care and styling products. Known for their vibrant colors and almost psychedelic patterns, the Brooklyn-based professional hair care brand has refined the overall look and feel of their packaging. While its unique pattern remains throughout the line, all products will now be color-coded by key benefit. This branding effort is designed to make it easier for customers to identify the products within each collection.

"Our signature pattern has been pivotal to the success and differentiation of the brand,” said Amika Brand President Chelsea Riggs. “It was designed to launch an emotional connection with our audience and has made (our brand) an instantly recognizable, and an impossible-to-ignore, player in the industry.” 

Riggs also points out that Amika sought to strengthen its appeal and positioning and set out to produce a system that is easier to differentiate within the line. With that in mind, all existing formulas will remain unchanged, but some products will be renamed in order to communicate their best use and key benefits better.