Seaberry Hair Serum

Obliphica Seaberry Hair Serum is an elixir for fine and weakened hair. It moisturizes to help protect chemically damaged hair from breakage during brushing, styling, grooming process. This serum significantly improves detangling, manageability and ease of combing wet hair. In addition to removing frizz and providing style retention, it protects the most sensitized zones of the hair: ends, highlights, and frizz, without weighing hair down. Tresses will feel delicately nourished, strengthened and visibly regenerated with increased shine

At the heart of Obliphica’s rejuvenating formulas lies one small yet exceptionally powerful superfruit—the Seaberry (also called Sea Buckthorn Berry or Hippophae Rhamnoides). A natural, centuries-old secret to beauty, health and wellness, this miraculous berry was revered for its healing, rejuvenating and protective powers by the ancient Greeks and Tibetans, and by Eastern and Ayurvedic medicines as far back as 5000 BC.

The Seaberry’s therapeutic oil is naturally rich with 190+ bioactive compounds, including every life-sustaining substance necessary to flourish in the world’s harshest climates.