New Lengths SK-10-1170

Extensions work to add serious length and fun pops of color to this shattered length.

Apply a dime-size amount of treatment oil all over before blow-drying your hair straight with a paddle brush. Once dry, flat iron one-inch sections for a smooth finish.

Salon Kavi of San Mateo – San Mateo, CA

Hair: Karla Pelaez-Barrick

Makeup: Victoria Pelaez

Glassy Waves NMH-10-1152

Smooth roots take a turn into glassy waves through the length of this lengthy hairstyle.

Take one-inch sections of dry hair, mist with styling spray and wrap it tightly onto a tapered curling rod. Continue with all sections, wrapping in the same direction until all hair is done. Apply a small amount of styling lotion on your hands before roughing up the waves with your fingers. Add shine spray for luster.

Hair: Nicole Martin

Makeup: Vanessa Gibson

Wardrobe: Kasha Meyers

Bohemian Waves NMH-10-1152

Nicole Martin weaved her long locks with two colors of blond, low lighting with a medium blond for serious depth. Next, she took large triangular sections of dry hair and wrapped each in a zigzag pattern around her fingers while held in a V-shape. Leaving the ends out, she set the sections with a scrunchie, placed a hairnet over the surface to hold and then hit the hair with a blow dryer for five minutes on medium heat.

Flower Power Waves NMH-10-1150

Stylist Nicole Martin weaved this natural chestnut brown hair with a deep blue-red and a deep red highlight and then added a clear gloss over the top for shine. A walnut-size amount of Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity volumizing texturizer liquid and Hair Resort strong hold texurizer were worked through her damp hair before blow-drying with a paddle brush. Three-inch wide panels of dry hair were pressed with a three-barrel iron all the way down each section leaving a rippled texture all the way through her strands.

Soft Wave TDS-10-1143

Nicole Ankenman of The David Salon created a white-hot hue for Diana with a couple of sultry caramel blonde panels for depth. Her long shattered layers were the perfect foundation for this softly wavy style. Nicole started the look by applying a quarter-size amount of Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener all over Diana’s damp strands. After blow-drying with a paddle brush, she curled two-inch square sections around a large curling iron and then finger-styled everything into place. Aveda Brilliant medium hold hairspray was misted over the top for soft hold and shine.

Squared Layering TDS-10-1140

Ashlyn’s color is a medium chocolate brown base with ultra-fine golden highlights for little sparks of lightness and shine. Long square layers give her hair tons of shape and movement while choppy layers around her face bring out her features.

Fringy Layers PON-10-1130

PON International stylist Kaytee Varchetto created an alluring long layered cut for Jennifer with straight bangs that delicately taper around her face. Her color involved some serious correction taking her black, home-applied color to a rich and warm red-brown base with golden highlights done in panels around her face.

Blonde Transition PON-10-1125

Wavy layers start with smooth roots with sultry side-swept bangs.

Add mousse at the root and styling spray all over on towel-dry hair before blow-drying with a round brush, pulling up on top for volume. Start with dry hair and apply working spray on sections before using a curling rod to bend pieces low on the strand.

PON International

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Vamped Up Layers PON-10-1123

Nicole, Pon’s first model, had long, grown out blonde strands and wanted a more refined style. Pon simply went in and highlighted heavily with an almost platinum hue, then low lighted with chunky panels of brown for depth.

Beachy Blonde - SP-16-01091

Stylist: Jessica Gonzalez 

Model/Wardrobe/Makeup: Caisa Airmet 

Videographer/Photographer: Huck Hinshaw 

Photos and video courtesy of PRAVANA