Texture in Droves

According to Wilma Mulcare, president of Mulcare Beauty and the Mulcare Beauty Studio & Spa in Hollywood, Florida, after many years of creating waves and curls with chemical service treatments, it’s now time for curly girls (and guys too) to go natural and to use less chemistry. This texture expert believes that the “less-chemistry” change will help create new texture, curl and wave while not damaging hair with any potential breakage.

Mulcare also points out that there are at least four categories of curl and wave textures from very tight extreme curls, a little looser curl with a wavier texture and more wavy textures to the super wavy textures. In addition, variations of these types of texture can be on one head, which you can certainly use in part or in whole to create a fresh spring or summer look.

To help style and maintain these looks, Mulcare says that there is an array of various professional hair care products and systems with cleansers, deep conditioners and moisturizers to enhance texture with cream and gel formulas. For finer hair and textures, she advises the use of creams to create fullness. For most other textures, the gels are suggested, however you can also combine them all to look, feel and be natural.

Regardless, Mulcare suggests regular haircuts, trims, hair color, and conditioning treatments to enhance and maintain textured looks.

Here are some of her quick tips for textured hair care:

•Don’t use a comb, instead use the tips of your fingers like a soft rake. Do not use any tension, which can easily cause breakage to textured hair.

Apply hair care products to your fingertips before applications. Methodically start the product applications at the roots and take them forward to the ends of your hair. In other words, to help prevent dryness and breakage, start at the nape and back of your head and work your way forward toward the top of your head. 

When styling your texture and curl, use a rod to set your hair. You can also use organized braiding techniques to create a beautiful texture pattern. Once styled to your desire, add a light finish of oil while keeping your hair pliable with natural movement.

Try creative salon hair color and highlights to accent your natural new texture, waves and curls.

Most importantly, get a deep conditioning treatment once per month.

Ask your professional hairstylist for a complete spring hair care and hairstyle consultation to explore all of the newest options available to you. Now is the time to use natural texture to make a beautiful new fashion statement for spring!

Born in Antigua, Wilma Mulcare first migrated to New York City and eventually settled down in Hollywood, Florida where she opened up Mulcare Beauty and Mulcare Beauty Studio & Spa within Salonz Beauty & Spa Suites. She currently provides hair, skin and makeup services for photography sessions, hair fashion shows, beauty pageants, and the media. She also hosts intimate image workshops for companies and community groups that are designed to educate and engage clients about the importance of their personal brand — their image!