Pastel Sundaes Collection

A contemporary collection by Andre Faiva @ Revolution Hairdressing in Australia, Pastel Sundaes fuses together contrasting trends in hair and fashion.

“With so much happening with hair today,” states Faiva, “I wanted to fuse together trends in a way that are fresh and new. I love the influence of the 80s and 90s in fashion and youth culture that I wanted to go for a very eclectic and almost anti-fashion styling. Mis-matched textures texture, patterns and prints thrown together to create a soft of confusion.”

Wanting an all-pastel palette, cooler mauves, muted peach, smokey grays, shades of turquoise, and metallic blues and violets were used. Faiva pre-lightened most of the model’s hair and then utilized multiple toners on wet tresses. Working quickly, various sections and panels were worked through in foils and then the primary toner was applied globally. This gave a multi-faceted effect where the line is blurred from where tones stop and start.

Hair: Andre Faiva @ Revolution Hairdressing • Photographer: Elizabeth Butner • Makeup: Penny Antuar @ Arc Creative • Fashion Stylist: Sjan Johansen