Trinity of Embers

Sam Rizzo’s latest men's collection Trinity of Embers is a retrospective of the aftermath of a bush fire ravaged with beauty. Designed to reflect the often overlooked beauty in destruction, the collection was shot with the backdrop of a forest fire to further emphasise the power and beauty of nature even at its worst. 

Sam, of Heads in the Cloud, Buderim, has effortlessly created the sombre, dark and brooding mood, which mirrors the remaining smoldering embers.

The goal was to create a commercial look as progression of past styles and by exaggerating part lines, inserting double part lines combined with smoother styles and a palette of subtler colors, the result is modern men’s glamour. 

Each style has its own hard edge, which is overstated with larger than life expression that pushes the boundary of wear-ability just a tad. 

The collection portrays pure strength and resilience, not unlike our forests after a natural disaster. Incorporated with the un-tapered style are disheveled knots that mimic untamed nature and the texturized fringe is reminiscent of a fires indiscriminate boundary. Finally, the upswept wave and length portrays that which escaped the destruction and devastation unscathed. 

Sam believes men's grooming is becoming a fashion unto itself and by adding these new elements seen in his collection, he has successfully modernized and individualized the focus of men's hair for the future. 

The Looks: 

(Top Left) An extreme technique with wider exaggerated parting creates drama when pitted against a wedge line that appears as an undercut. Solid blocks of color in matt brown take this look to extremes.

(Top Right) Trends will include a move towards longer hair for men that will play with the messy styling techniques of up styling with double top knots which are loose and tousled. A richer golden mahogany spices up the design to achieve natural, yet exciting, finished looking. 

(Middle Left) Designer lines create movement and interest on an otherwise simple shaved side but by keeping length on top you have dynamic versatility with this look. It features dark and brooding color and lines. 

(Middle Right) The modern twist to the Mohawk sees men embracing height with a softer and longer quiff. By keeping the sides of the head shaved and clean the statement is masculine yet refined. While adding a distressed very light pale blue to darker roots creates more drama. 

(Bottom Left) Facial hair as an extension of a man’s haircut has been updated by wearing it well-groomed to include a textured ironed finish. Contrasting the look is a flat pieced fringe help evoke mystery. 

(Bottom Right) Longer hair worn out will be smooth, off the face and textured through the ends to create a sculptured style that looks natural and effortless. The perfect platform for hints of color to enhance their masculinity. 

Hair by Sam Rizzo, Heads in the Cloud, Buderim / Photographer: Glen Krohn / Makeup Artist: Chantal Anderson / Stylist: Sarah Birchley