The Color Scene

When not working behind the chair at The Parlour in Portland, Pravana Platform Artist and Artistic Educator Presley Poe is on the road educating, putting her 17 years of accumulated knowledge to good work. Always striving to bring the most perfected techniques, she teaches other pros how to create today’s in-demand color trends for hair using Pravana’s multi-faceted color line.  

Taking a break from her busy schedule, Presley graciously shared her insight into the next "it" hues.

“I feel like there’s a big juxtaposition of color pattern in hair right now. Where once we would only see warm hues mixed to create an overall look, we can now look forward to the trend of warm rich browns paired with pretty pastels and cool vivid tones. In the spring and likely beyond, I see metallic here to stay!  The beautiful assortment of neutral metallic tones makes for easy matching and correlates with warm or cool weather looks," Presley said.

According to this seasoned color expert, neons are just getting started. On the horizon, brighter and bolder is going to be intermixed with the deeper and richer for more extreme high contrast. On the opposite end of the scale, with vivids, Presley feels like the softer, the better, with pastels being a great alternative to the intense neons and offer less commitment.

In the future, Presley foresees less color melting and more vivid overlays. She imagines a pairing of beautiful metallic and soft vivid tones, which works well with the resurgence of timeless looks such as waves and classic up-dos.

“It’s not a color that we’re moving in or out of, but a change in application of that color. Vivid overlays on single process color applications are making vibrant but wearable hair easier to take care of and more appropriate in the workplace. We will be seeing a huge increase in bold, multi-faceted reds again. Whether it be a bold yet soft copper or an intense red wine, I’m personally elated at the thought,” Presley remarked.

She continued, “Icy blondes are not going anywhere!  These white hot hues are pushing the limits of how we have always understood platinum. No honey or gold tones for this extreme look; it’s all about the ever-growing demand for that perfect steely gray.”

When it comes to brunettes, Presley revealed, “At the darker end of the spectrum, opposed to last year’s high contrast, think two-color dimension with a gentle balayage of rich brunette hues and soft, warm undertones. This year, keep your eyes peeled for seamless dark chocolates and frothy caramel blends on the streets and the runways.”


“What was once runway fashion is becoming applicable to everyday life and more socially acceptable than it’s ever been. Because of that, people want more longevity with their vivids treatment. They are no longer opting for the occasional pastel for a vacation, but are actually getting something that they can wear at work,” Presley commented.

For those looking to do one of these new shades, Presley tells us that with caramel brunettes, they’ll have less maintenance overall. With soft copper reds, they can have a tough time maintaining the copper, but will fade beautifully to a strawberry blonde.

Presley continued, “If considering icy blondes, it’s a misconception that getting your hair done more often is bad for it. It’s actually the opposite when it comes to the ultra-blonde. Do yourself and your colorist / stylist a favor and be consistent in your salon. Keep base touch-ups at every 4-5 weeks. Keeping grow-out at this ¼-inch length ensures less processing time and even lift without banding.  Also, take dual note of the product and the regiment for the aftercare.”


For all ends of the trending spectrum, this educator and platform artist recommends using only sulfate free color protective shampoos and conditioners to safeguard your color investment. She stresses the importance of protecting your hair from thermal styling tools and also the sun, suggesting the use of a UVA/UBV protection spray. For any and all hair color services, Presley also says that it’s best to always wash hair in cold water. She explains that heat will expand the hair and expose the color molecule for a faster fade, while cooler water will contract the cuticle holding the color safely inside. 

Real Rationality

When it comes to on-trend colors, Presley asks people to be realistic. “We all want the thing that is hardest to obtain, or is just impossible to have, which is platinum hair. It's very important for people to understand that the beautiful metallic tones, the silver, gray and soft pastel tones, are all actually pigments placed on platinum hair. We have to remember how difficult it is to even obtain platinum hair, so when considering this direction, my advice is to be patient with your stylist or colorist so they can take the necessary steps to get there safely. Understand that it may take longer than anticipated, but enjoy the steps along the way,” Presley said in closing, finishing with, “Slow and low is the way to go when it comes to getting the perfect white palette…just be patient!”

For Pros:

Presley transformed her client using Pravana Vivids XL using the following formula:

  1. Pre-lighten hair to level 10 with Pure Light Power Lightener and developer of choice.
  2. Shampoo, condition and dry completely.
  3. Apply Vivids XL Wild Orchid to base.
  4. Create pie-shaped subsections at the apex. Apply Vivids XL Wild Orchid 1” above the ears and 2” above the occipital.
  5. Apply Vivids XL Silver + Vivids XL Clear to crown.

Credits: Hair, Makeup & Photos by Presley Poe