Seeing Red

As humans, we feel the need to reinvent ourselves. We have waited so long to be liberated from plainness so we leave behind the rules and live the fantasy.  We embrace light and color, and therefore give our existence a much more optimistic goal.

We want to be heroes of our own history and the best way to do that is by drawing attention. Our desire is to be everywhere, accept every invitation, rediscover the glam, social life, and evenings with friends. To be muses at nightclubs, to seduce and to be seduced. We want to add life to our days but also to our evenings, to revive a glorious and striking time, but adapted and modernized to this generation.

So with all of the pent up emotion, we look to the color red as a reference, as it is a symbolic hue of all those activities that require more passion than reason. It is an explosion by years of austerity and the future takes shape between energy and emotion.

Hair, without losing the urban and sensual spirit, completes the total look by giving balance. Using natural, functional and slightly strident influences, simple forms come to life with dense and vibrant colors that are fused with earth tones and softly seductive shine.

The makeup is provocative yet charming with dressed lips that are more intense with sophisticated matt tones and satin touches.

So we ask ourselves, why red?

Well, because it is linked to strong emotions. It's not surprising that there are 105 shades of red, as it symbolizes passion and struggle. Red is an extroverted color, a warm color of pleasure, courage, seduction, and love. Because it is stimulating and provides energy. It encourages and enables. Because when we think of this color, we always do so from the side of the emotions. Red is a totally emotional tone and closely linked to the most passionate and animal part of our humanness. Because emotions move the world and because I am an emotional hairdresser and this color perfectly symbolizes this feeling. - Raffel Pagés


Hair: Raffel Pagés • Photography: David Arnal