Roses et de Monstres

French for Roses and Monsters, the signature hair collection ‘Roses et de Monstres’ by Hermiz Daniel of Joey Scandizzo Salon reveals the thorny beauty possessed by one of nature's most stunning and sometimes fragrant creations, the rose. It revels in the irony of how something can be so prickly yet beautiful at the same time.

Roses et des monstres by Hermiz Daniel

"Leading up to the creation of the collection was a period of personal growth. I realized that, in life, there can be beauty in ‘ugliness’ – and that the line between beauty and its opposite is not always clear cut. You can think of this in terms of the judgements we make every day about the way people look and act, and in the world in general. We take some things as beautiful in themselves, and others as not – but we don’t often try to scratch the surface and see what is underneath. Often we’re so busy thinking about what beauty is, and pursuing it – we don’t stop to think about its opposite and how often the two things can sit side by side." - Hermiz Daniel

Roses et des monstres by Hermiz Daniel

Hair Artist: Hermiz Daniel  •  Makeup: Georgia Ramman  •  Wardrobe Styling: Elaine Marshall  •  Photography: Andrew O’Toole