Poly-Pop Culture

Poly-Pop is about our plastic lives in our pop culture society...

Plastic textures are everywhere in an unimaginable number of forms. They range from matte to glossy, rough to smooth, black to white and can be made to mimic almost anything. For me, when I think plastic (Poly) I think of vivid colours, high contrast and manufactured in its appearance.

Then, when I think of Pop, I think of the same things; vivid colours, high contrast and manufactured and ‘Pop’ like Plastic (Poly). Pop will also come in an unimaginable number of forms as new generations of primarily youth create sub cultures upon Pop culture, branching out to every niche.

I love hair that almost needs manufacturing. The Poly-Pop collection is a reflection of these inspirations, creating a sub culture to contemporary hair fashions in a haute couture type of approach. Like Pop culture, its eventually absorbed into mainstream fashion and us as the engineers of new hair fashions we need to keep challenging what people expect and championing what they do.

The Plastic-esque hair collection was about manipulating hair into plastic like forms and textures; from matte to glossy, from rough to smooth, from bright to dark.

-  Shaun McGrath - Avant Garde Specialist

I’m interested in the way the more extreme elements of fashion have become normal. Pop cult figures like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj are pushing the boundaries of acceptable social behaviour, but people take their young children to see them in concert.

Terry Richardson and Juergen Teller present their subjects in a way that is at odds with traditional photography, and are among the most sought after fashion photographers in the world. I am inspired to showcase individuality with colour, to show how the unconventional is the new conventional and how experimentation, error and creativity can have amazing results.

I love strong bold shapes with eye catching, poppy colour. I'm inspired to explore the idea that something ordinary creates extraordinary beauty, how the extreme spectrum of fashion and society is expanding.

- Steve Corthine AKA Stevie English

Everything is “normal”.....

Salon: Stevie English Hair • Cut & Styling: Shaun McGrath • Colourist: Steve Corthine • Makeup: Jenny Roberts • Photography: Ben Cook • Fashion Stylist: Emma Cotterill