Oh Man!

Style and grooming trends are as diverse as the men who wear them, and today's current looks show evidence that the diversity of options is ever-expanding. We see everything from classic tapered styles and the lingering of the man bun to a variety of fades and undercuts with personal touches to make a unique statement. Read on for a glimpse of things to come...according to experts from around the world.

In a collaboration with Fudge Professional, the London School of Barbering showcased a mix of models selected specifically to represent a variety of professions and lifestyles.  

“The concept was to bring together a versatile group of individuals from different backgrounds and to give them haircuts that represent their lifestyles.” – Michael Kontos, Creative Director at London School of Barbering

Hair: London School of Barbering Art Team for Fudge Professional • Grooming: Jo Colleta • Styling: Jeffrey Cameron • Photos: Brian Doherty • Products: Fudge Professional

The world has evolved in an extraordinary way in recent years, as men have been dismissing taboos in order to give way to an environment in which they feel free to be as they are. This freedom fits neatly into this versatile collection where small details of disconnected cuts make a subtle difference. Where the most radical styles coexist with classic. The overall idea is that everyone can find their style that perfectly fits their individuality and attitude.

Hair by Raffel Pages

This youthful collection represents the debut of a next generation stylist who believes in statement hairdressing for men. Captured within the title - Mint, the collection is a series of images that look to induce a sensory experience for the viewer, a very clean and pristinely fresh take on the grooming story this season. The artist actually wanted the viewer to look at the men in frame and think, “Man, I bet they smell good!” This refreshing take on men’s grooming marks a significant diversion from the popular rough and ready images of the past 18 months, and instead takes men’s hairdressing into the realms of a true hair fashion collection.

There is a strong editorial feel within the collection that is emphasized by sharp styling C/O Melbourne Fashion Stylist Ross McCallam. The vibrancy of the wardrobe, with impeccably neat tailoring compliments the strong cutting and styling techniques throughout while the hugely trending rockabilly quiff provides really unique character cues and distinguished styling options to appeal to a multitude of tastes.

A brigade that would not look out of place stomping the runway of the Men’s Collections in London, the stylist has constructed a collection that provides a perfect equilibrium between hair and clothing and a sharper season for the alpha male.

Hair and Styling: Luke Harris • Photography: Bonnie Hansen • Styling: Ross McCallam • Makeup: Megan Everett

According to Alfonso Bonilla and Antonio Rodríguez of Universidad de la Imagen in Spain, we are in a world with constant change. Hair is worked into different looks where a man can take part in a new world, one with his own expression of freedom. 

Hair: Alfonso Bonilla & Antonio Rodríguez @ Universidad de la Imagen • Photos: LovemasLove