Heavenly Creatures

A glimpse into the mind of Frank Apostolopoulos, Heavenly Creatures sets a stage with eerie mysticism created by fog and shadows in the early morning. The mood is mysterious and intriguing with a hidden allure.

For the wardrobe, Apostolopoulos chose the juxtaposition of textures in powder vs paint. Rich and intricate opulence in fabrics and adornments, inspired by the paintings of Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt. Organic patterns from nature – spider web weaves, sparkling silk gossamer, woolen yarn on a spinning wheel. Colors and textures of Australiana – the feathers of a black cockatoo, the rustic foliage of a Banksia, the delicate folds of a vivid red Waratah.

Inspired by the portraiture by Baroque painter Caravaggio, realistic observations of the human state have a theatrical effect utilizing the dramatic use of lighting. Powerful illumination with bold contrasts of light and dark, and dripping with pooled spotlight effects throughout.

Grainy finishes, using texture on film and the intrigue of movement with images that are slightly blurred, unfocused, out of register. Varying gradients within tone – from white to grey to sepia to black.

Apostolopoulos also chose to emulate photographs by Man Ray from the inter-war years, utilizing solarization and reversal of tones. His muses, Peggy Guggenheim and Kikide Montparnasse, were secretive and enigmatic…very much heavenly creatures.





Hair: Frank Apostolopoulos • Color: Christina Charalambous • Photo: Andrew O’Toole • Makeup: Kylie O’Toole • Wardrobe: Melissa Nixon