Metallic Hair Fashion Shines Through

The main objective of the Galvanized collection was to create a metallic feel in hair. rokk ebony hairstylist Scott Condon worked alongside colorist Charlene Fernandez to explore steam punk, the raw elements of metal sculpture, metal décor and the unique nature of the material itself.

"The eccentricity, the innovation and the detail of the Steam Punk movement got us thinking that we wanted to create a new subculture, something not seen before," said Scott. "I didn't just want to do hair, I wanted to construct it. Hair became a textile from which sculptures within my mind were made a reality.

The collaboration of sharp cuts, malleable styling and the use of abstract accessories within this collection further boosted the theme. Each look was strongly connected due to the metallic properties within texture, shine and dimension, created to look like metallic items like corrugated iron, aluminium domes and copper wire.

"I focused heavily on shape and form and intensified each look with the help of colour, texture and shine. Each of these elements came together to give the collection the metallic feel that we were aiming for," Scott said.

The original inspiration behind the Galvanized collection was metal in all its textural and shiny glory.

"After exploring Steam Punk, Scott  and I needed to break down what it was exactly that we felt connected to, and how we could use this in our innovation of hair," said Colorist Charlene Fernandez. "We were drawn to the detailed metal, the eccentricity of the designs, and most of all, to the existence of this alternate universe. With the fascination of metal buzzing in our minds and the mission to create our very own subculture, Galvanized was born."

According to Charlene, shape, density, texture, color, and shine were analyzed in copper, silver, gold, and bronze with the aim of recreating this in the hair. 

"I loved that all these elements have such a strong, solid form, yet can be so pliable and materialized in many different ways to even appear fluid at times," she said. 

To help form hair colors reminiscent of these metals, Charlene studied what makes these metallic colors so unique. First she had to look at the broader scope of colors that made up a particular metal and secondly, assess the position of the highlights and shadows to create the unmistakable shine found within metal elements.

The resulting metallic impression on hair color and styling showcase the defining factor of this collection, giving strength to this tribe of women within the Galvanized world.

Salon: rokk ebony – Melbourne, Australia • Colorist: Charlene Fernandez • Hairstylist: Skot Condon • Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird • Makeup: Sarah Baxter • Stylist: Brandon

Meet Charlene Fernandez

I remember as a little girl I was fascinated with anything to do with hair and to now be working in the industry that captivated me at such a young age is testament to my calling. While completing year 11 and 12 VCE, I was working at a small salon in Melbourne as the “shampoo girl” and loved it but when the salon offered me an apprenticeship, I just couldn’t see myself realising my dream with them, as I was so motivated and hungry for more.

So as fate would have it, I commenced my apprenticeship with rokk ebony in February 2006 and from day one I knew my life was never going to be the same again. My perspective on hairdressing, my attitude towards business and even my belief systems in life had completely shifted and I had no option but to grow up real quick.

I completed my third year apprenticeship in well under two years due to a never faltering motivation and I willingly absorbed every facet of my apprenticeship. I loved what I was achieving, what I was learning and after the immense satisfaction of completing each module I would get to experience the thrill of putting it all into practice on the salon floor. rokk ebony were so supportive and allowed me to flourish. They invested heavily in my education and offered countless hours of extra training and priceless opportunities to be included in their photo shoots and live shows. These opportunities will never be forgotten and have definitely influenced the hairdresser that I am today.

Proud to say that as my apprenticeship ended I was running a full column and although this feeling of being in high demand was satisfying, part of me struggled with not being able to facilitate the opportunities I was given as an apprentice. The education bug bit hard and I realised that in order to make the difference I wanted, teaching was the obvious avenue for me to follow and now as the Technical Director of rokk ebony Glen Waverley, I educate in styling and advanced colour and I am part of their External Education Team.

Most recently our creative team was on stage at Sydney's and Melbourne’s 2013 Hair Expo for a seminar by Ozdare. I have been part of countless shows including Myer and David Jones Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter launches and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week with Kevin Murphy. I am heavily involved in the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival including Oaks Day, the Schweppes Guinness Ladies Luncheon, the Face of Races and Fashions on the Fields.

To enter a collection into AHFA and have my work published in magazines like The Journal have been dreams and motivation from day one and to be rewarded with the coveted title of Australia's Best Creative Colourist of the Year would be pure icing on the cake.  Mentoring and education has been my focus to date yet I have come to understand that there is no better way to mentor than to lead by example.

Throughout this process of preparing my collection I have become overwhelmed with excitement and renewed enthusiasm for my career and I feel like the possibilities are endless. I believe it is our responsibility as hairdressers to push our industry into places not yet explored. I know that my desire to make a difference really does make me 'stand out' as I want to touch people's lives and make their careers magical but most of all I want to help them to see their full potential. 

Meet Scott Condon

Having never been exposed to world of hairdressing through family or friends, it was only by chance that I met someone who was so passionate, motivated and inspired by their career in hairdressing at rokk ebony that their enthusiasm became contagious. A late bloomer, I started my apprenticeship at age 22 and went from being a sleepy seaside, suburban kid into this crazy fast paced city life. I was in awe of this beautiful hidden world of hairdressing and still feel the same way today.

As an assistant, you are learning in an environment unlike any other and I believe one to be so much richer and more powerful than any classroom. Having assisted for both the AHFA Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Finalist for Kieran Hanley’s “Brace” collection and theAHFA Victorian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist, Moet Tiry for his “Animateme” collection in 2013, I was given the opportunity to experience first-hand the blood, sweat and tears that makes for brilliant hair artists and it ignited something inside me.

Alongside my time in the salon I have also been fortunate enough to work on some amazing extra-curricular activities including the rokk ebony ‘rokk uncovered’ show at Sydney Hair Expo in 2013 and both the rokk ebony Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer campaigns photo-shoot for 2014. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is a hairdressers dream and in 2014 I was given the honour of working on the parades for some of Australia’s’ most prestigious designers which was an absolute honour.

I have come a long way in a short time but there is still so much more to explore and create and truly believe I am blessed as I know I can achieve and do all I want in this industry due to the nurturing and support I receive every day from the team at rokk ebony.