Freshly Victorian

Meet Matthew Tyldesley, a cosmetologist from Louisville, Kentucky who has been working behind the chair for the last 15 years. He currently caters to a diverse clientele at Hair by Charles and Company and it is his love of working with the public that allows him to balance both creativity and customer service.  

Matthew has been a Redken Artist for the last five years facilitating classes for other stylists throughout the region specializing in hair color and styling. Working for Redken has gained Matthew experience working backstage at hair shows such as Centricity, Premier and Symposium. 

In his spare time Matthew continues to perfect his craft by orchestrating photo shoots with local photographers, designers, models, and artists, and has been published nationally and internationally, in print and online. With one of his many shoots, Matthew won the North American Hairstylist Award for the 2016 People’s Choice Award for his texture entry (shown here) in this tactile mini collection dubbed Freshly Victorian. 

From Inspiration to Creation

When asked about his inspiration for this collection, Matthew said, "My collection was inspired by smoke, fire, cloud and buildings be demolished. There is beauty and inspiration in everything. I wanted the hair to be a composite of these things. I had seen videos of old buildings being bulldozed or on fire, and I saw how smoke and flames would escape the windows. I also looked to the sky at cloud formations."

He continues, "To get the looks, I utilized different braiding, twisting, curling and teasing techniques to bring my vision to life. I set the hair with various hair products and utilized different curling irons and my hands quite a bit with the cornrowing. It was all about having fun and really showcasing the beauty of the model along with my team."

When asked how these looks can be adapted for clients, Matthew added, "For casual looks consumers can created a side fishtail braid, or easily twist their own hair into a secured bun or pony. There are so many elements of styling in this collection that the consumer can pretty much adapt or translate their own version of the styles including bridal looks and for special occasions."

More About Matthew

For Matthew being an “artist” means constant practice and staying immersed in the industry. His passion for education fuels his own growth, as Matthew travels nationally to attend hair conference and hands-on trainings to further develop his skills, knowledge and credibility as a hairstylist.

Matthew's many accomplishments include being An American Certified Hair Colorist, Redken Certified Hair Colorist and Designer, voted #1 Hairstylist in Louisville 2014  by Louisville Magazine, Lead Hair artist for The Runway for the Roses show 2013-2014, Lead Hair artist for the Skyrise Fashion Show 2013, Head of Hair for KMAC couture 2013, nominated for the North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) for Men’s Hairstylist of the Year 2014, Worked backstage at the 2014 MTV Video Awards, Styled hair for Miss America 2015, NCFA style week 2015, The 2016 Miss America Preliminaries, LAFW 2015, NYFW 2016, Lead hair artist for Laura's Angels 2016, Lead hairstylist for SS 17 in NYFW for Stevie Boi and Tiffany Rae Designs.  

Hair: 2016 NAHA Texture Nominee and People's Choice Winner, Matthew Tyldesley - Matthew Tyldesley Hair Artist • Makeup: Isidro Valencia •  Photography: Marshall Shartzer III • Styling: Genna Yussman • Models: Theresa Krosse | Brooke Taylor | Abby Garrett • Photo Courtesy of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)