Age of Elbereth

To create the Age of Elbereth collection,  Jose A. Chamborro of Lagasca Hair & Styling decided to dive into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien and reflect his own particular vision of one of Tolkien's mythological characters: Elbereth, lady and star creator, from the lineage of Aratar, whose power and beauty lie in the light. 

O Elbereth! Hunter of stars! Dazzling white, descending, sparkling like a jewel, the glory of the heavenly host! Having stared away from lands woven of trees of Middle-earth, to you, The Eternally White, I will sing, from this side of the sea, here on this side of the ocean! 

Hair: Jose A. Chamborro @Lagasca Hair & Styling - Spain • Makeup: María García • Photo: David Arnal • Styling: Eunnis Mesa