Desert Rose

This textural body of work by Jasmine Heckenberg of Sfumato Hair is a reference to the singular rose: a flower out of reach, always striving for that thing we can never obtain, like a mirage in the desert. The braiding techniques that she utilized reflects the powerful female imagery of a warrior priestess, adorned with a crown of thorns. Battle ready and independent, in a world dominated by male leadership.

“I wanted to represent an image of a woman who is beautiful, feminine and powerful. Further than just women's empowerment, I wanted to personify something darker and more dangerous,” said Jasmine.

She continues, “The twine reflects the organic nature of a rose garden, a throwback to my rural upbringing. I like the juxtaposition of such a beautiful fragile flower, too resistant to wilt away in an unforgiving drought stricken environment. It serves as an image of hope and represents the figure of a woman who can be powerful and self-sufficient, while remaining feminine and open to love.”

According to Jasmine, the art direction and styling of this collection alludes the post-apocalyptic desert environment of Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome, and more specifically Tina Turner's character 'Aunty' - the tribe leader of the misfit desert society.

Hair: Jasmine Heckenberg for Sfumato Hair • Photographer: Kishka Jensen • Makeup: Abbie McGinniss • Stylist: Jasmine Heckenberg