Delinquents by Joe RiberaThese guys are serious, and they are seriously sentimental about their hair. They act tough, they look tough, but deep down they’re in front of the mirror carefully fashioning their hair. 

Delinquents by Joe RiberaThis series by Joe Ribera of Visare Hair Studio in Sydney, Australia reflects the multicultural streets of his native city with emerging trends of urban street fashion. 

"This collection plays with the idea that every strong man has something he’s sensitive about. For the modern man it is often his hair.  This collection explores how, for these delinquent youth, hair is a critical component to their total look, and an unpolished outfit is an unpolished character. They look quick to pick a fight – yet their hair is impeccable.  Their life will gladly cater around producing and maintaining that hairstyle to produce and maintain that 'tough' guy," says Ribera.

Delinquents by Joe RiberaThis hair guru is quick to point out that the styles in this collection are high maintenance cuts: fades, lines, flat tops, braids, and curls are styles that require either regular salon visits or skilled assistance. 

Ribera continues, "Hair is at the core of our many moods and mannerisms. From the man making my coffee to the man walking past my salon window, hair is a tell-tale of our layered lifestyles." 

Hair: Joe Ribera for Visare Hair Studio •  Makeup: Lianne Claire  •  Photographer: Simon Everiss

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