Cruda Figura

Cruda Figurac, means raw shape.  It is the evolution of the Nouveau Chic collection which earned Heading Out Hair & Beauty, the Australian Hair Fashion Award for Artistic Team of the Year 2015.

Inspired by the Vogue Italia feature in June 2015, the Chinese edition featured model Fei Fei Sun exploring fetish inspired fashion with haute couture.  The issue saw the first solo Asian model on the magazine cover, shot by new photographers Mert & Marcus.  

This change in editorial direction, inspired the Heading Out Hair & Beauty Artistic Team to take classic glamour to a whole new level.  It transforms classic glamour, into a new, dramatic look that is high fashion glamour meets raw grunge.

Beautiful, classic shapes are imaginatively transformed with graphic, sculptural, matted and grunge textured hair, and high detail fringes are cut with meticulous precision to deliver a new order sexy grunge aesthetic.   

The avant-garde collection features dramatic raw reinventions of the classics, such as a pony tail with a chunk cut out and a fringe chewed off, plaits falling apart and full volume tousled curls that have been deconstructed.  An artistic tour de force delivered with discriminating and scrupulous attention to detail.

Stunning makeup, facial jewels and accessories, and the dramatic black and white images accentuate the details within each shot and honour its inspiration.

The Cruda Figura collection is dramatic and modern. Its grunge meets high glamour in a hair fashion direction that is both feminine and fierce.

 Heading Out Hair & Artistic Team • Hair: Caterina Di Biase, Aiden Horwood, Chantelle Rozic, Kyanne Wagensveld, Simone Beale • Photographer: Andrew O’Toole • Makeup Artist: Kylie O’Toole • Stylist: Vass Arvanitis • Models: Candice Goss, Megan Ford, Ruairi Luke, Linnea, and Tiahnee