Contessa 2017 Winners

Salon Magazine, the producers of the Canadian Hairstylist of the Year Awards has announced the Contessa 2017 Award winners. These are the most creative and inspirational artists that have proven to be amongst the country's best hairstylists. Congratulations to all of this year's winners and nominees!

Canadian Hairstylist of the Year

Tony Ricci, Ricci Hair Co., Edmonton

Salon: Ricci Hair Co., Edmonton

Photos: Andrew O'Toole

Canadian Salon Team

Salon Pure, Montreal

Hairstylists/Stylistes: Anna Pacitto, Daniel Benoit, Antoine Vadacchino, Nikolas B Morel, Leo Loutfi

Makeup/Maquillage: Ekaterina Ulyanoff, Richard St Laurent

Wardrobe: Florence O Durand

Photos: Ara Sassoonian

Elite Master Hairstylist

Kathy Simon, Mekka, Montreal

Salon: Mekka, Montreal

Makeup/Maquillage: Olivier Vinet

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Kathleen Laronde

Other/Autre: Jean-Sebastien Lacombe

Photos: Justine Latoure

Master Colourist

Michelle Finlayson, Kick Hair & Body, Edmonton

Salon: Kick Hair & Body, Edmonton

Makeup/Maquillage: Renee Rampersad

Nail Artist/Artiste beauté des ongles: Krista Luchka

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Michelle Finlayson

Photos: Amanda Diaz

Canadian Colourist

Michelle Pargee, Milica Salon Spa, Langley, B.C.

Salon: Milica Salon Spa, Langley, B.C.

Makeup/Maquillage: Timothy Hung

Photos: Kale Friesen

Session Hairstylist

Julie Vriesinga, Salon Entrenous, London, Ont.

Salon: Salon Entrenous, London, Ont.

Makeup/Maquillage: Florencia Taylor

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Julie Vriesinga

Photos: Paula Tizzard

Texture Hairstylist

Robin Bacon, Giovanni and Perri, Barrie, Ont.

Salon: Giovanni and Perri, Barrie, Ont.

Makeup/Maquillage: Florencia Taylor

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Adrian Arnieri

Photos: Paula Tizzard

Men's Hairstylist

Mathieu Mainville, local B, Montreal

Salon: local B, Montreal

Makeup/Maquillage: Fanny Scott

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Amanda Van Der Siebes

Photos: Allysandra Cervantes

Avant Garde Hairstylist

Dorothy Tsang, Blushes, Ottawa

Salon: Blushes, Ottawa

Makeup/Maquillage: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Marika Page

Photos: John Rawson

Multicultural Hairstylist

Freddy Sim, Moods Hair Salon, Vancouver

Salon: Moods Hair Salon, Vancouver, BC

Makeup/Maquillage: Kelsey Fitzpatrick

Nail artist/Artiste beauté des ongles: Freddy Sim

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Carlee Wallace

Photos: Philip Jarmain

Hair Extensions Artist

Jennifer Reid, Chatters Hair Beauty Salon, London, Ont.

Salon: Chatters Hair Beauty Salon, London, Ont.

Makeup/Maquillage: Sophia Abdul-Hamid

Photos: Cynthia Bendle

Makeup Artist

Florencia Taylor, Freelance, London, Ont.

Hairstylist/Styliste: Julie Vriesinga

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Julie Vriesinga

Photos: Paula Tizzard

Canadian Nail Artist

Nargis Khan, Tips Nail Bar, Toronto

Salon: Tips Nail Bar, Toronto

Makeup/Maquillage: Lucky Bromhead

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Talia Brown

Photos: Joseph Saraceno

New Hairstylist

Sarah Joris, Maria Bikas Salon, London, Ont.

Salon: Maria Bikas Salon, London, Ont.

Makeup/Maquillage: Loreen Sawatsky

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Sarah Joris

Photos: Paula Tizzard

Student/Apprentice Hairstylist

Minseo Kim, Taz Hair Co., Toronto

Salon: Taz Hair Co., Toronto, ON

Photos: Natasha Gerschon

Alberta Hairstylist

Jag Moussa, JagHed Couture, Calgary

Salon: JagHed Couture, Calgary

Makeup/Maquillage: Krista Ho Lem

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Jag Moussa

Photos: Katy Body

Atlantic Hairstylist

Melissa Duguay, Eccentric Hair Studio, Moncton, N.B.

Salon: Eccentric Hair Studio, Moncton, NB

Makeup Artist/Maquillage: Joelle Martin

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Melissa Duguay

Photos: Denis Duquette

British Columbia Hairstylist

Michelle Pargee, Milica Salon Spa, Langley, B.C.

Salon: Milica Salon Spa, Langley, B.C.

Makeup/Maquillage: Timothy Hung

Photos: Kale Friesen

Ontario Hairstylist

Sandro Macri, Salon Collage, Toronto

Salon: Salon Collage, Toronto

Makeup Artist/Maquillage: Giancarlo Intini

Wardrobe: Ashley Davis

Photos: Giancarlo Intini & Richard Dubois

Quebec Hairstylist

Jean-Sebastien Chalut, O Salon, Montreal

Salon: O Salon, Montreal

Makeup/Maquillage: Marika D'Auteuil

Wardrobe/Stylisme: Jean-Sebastien Chalut

Photos: Alain Comtois

Saskatchewan/Manitoba Hairstylist

Renn VonDyck, Elan Hair Studio, Winnipeg

Salon: Elan Hair Studio, Winnipeg

Makeup/Maquillage: Paige Roy

Nail artist/Artiste beauté des ongles: Paige Roy

Wardrobe/Styliste mode: Lori VonDyck

Photos: Renn VonDyck

Salon Interior Design

Her Majesty's Pleasure, Toronto

Photos: Lisa Petrole

The John Steinberg Award for Community Service

HairStyle Inn Salon, Saskatoon

Fan Favourite

Pete Goupil, Salon Espace C, Brossard, Que.

Category/Catégorie: Men's Hairstylist | Styliste hommes

Salon: Salon Espace C, Brossard, Que.

Makeup/Maquillage: Alexandre Deslauriers

Photos: Tina Picard

If you missed the big night, you can watch the webcast of the awards show at To see all of the winning collections, visit the Contessa winners and finalists gallery