New Looks for Men

The inspiration for this manly collection by Carole Haddad of Corcorz Hair in Brisbane, Australia was that of the everyday guy on the street. She wanted to produce a series that was commercially accessible with thoroughly wearable hair looks.  Some of the looks are free, loose styles and some are based on shorter, barber-influenced looks designed for men who want a more formal look, depending on careers and lifestyles. 

Hot Men by Carole Haddad of Corcorz Hair "In a way, men's hairdressing is more inventive and is expanding at a great rate than women's, so it's a really exciting segment in the hairdressing market, right now," Carole said. “It’s the work force of men who created these looks whether barbered or those who believe in bed hair - no fuss, no wash  and no or minimal combing.”

According to Carole, barbering has been the 'big thing' over the last couple of years, and it has been expanding.  Still in the era of the individual, some men now find their own style and want to go with it. Not all are formal and conformist in the barber haircut sense that's why many men want to simply wear hairstyles that suit their own style or looks. The Brute Force collection is an eclectic mix of looks for this very reason - highly individualized.

And we can't forget about curls for guys. Men with curly hair would typically have it buzzed off to achieve barbered fashions, however, some men don't want to lose their locks, partly due to the fact that more and more men are happy to use finishing products. 

"Using great finishing products out there, like Rich Hair Pure Luxury Argan Curl Enhancing Cream and Pure Luxury Energising Matte Texture Paste, can make men with curly look hot!  All a guy needs is a great cut with some length and definition, and heads will turn," Carole added. 

And what about the man bun?  That is by no means over yet.  According to Carole, guys with long hair are loving it, as it's the quickest way to look cool.  Jared Leto brought the man bun into prominence in 2014 and interest has been growing ever since.  

Hot Men by Carole Haddad of Corcorz Hair Hot Men by Carole Haddad of Corcorz Hair

Hair: Carole Haddad of Corcorz Hair •  Photography: Glen Krohn • Stylist: Elio