Breaking Through

“I didn’t choose hair — hair chose me,” exclaims 2016 NAHA Nominee Stacey Smoker. She goes on to explain that she first picked up a pair of scissors almost on a whim when she was only 15. That led her to attend the prestigious Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy and launched her into a career behind the chair. Despite an innate talent for the craft, Stacey would be licensed and practicing for years before finally accepting her calling; giving her career the focus and serious attention a professional should.

These days, Stacey has made up for that less than focused attention early in her career in spades — with a passion, knowledge and experience few can match. She is a master stylist, colorist and artistic director at her home salon Senses NY Salon & Spa, a regional artist for Goldwell US and most recently, a finalist for the 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards.

Behind the chair, Stacey supports her clients’ needs with a caring passion for their experience, and a focus on their hair’s integrity. When not with clients, Stacey leads the salon’s creative team and acts as a formula sounding board for her fellow stylists.

As an educator for Goldwell, Stacey lives for those “light bulb moments” when she can help a colorist connect the dots between what happened, why it happened and how to control the situation next time.

Stacey also has a strong and continuing passion for mentorship. Stacey has been mentored by many fabulous people both inside and outside of the industry and is convinced, as successful talent, that we are responsible to help elevate those coming up after us. She also believes it is time to “take back” our industry and that holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism is one of the best ways to elevate the entire industry. Her focus now is to empower other hair professionals to do the same.

Hair: 2016 NAHA Contemporary Classic Nominee Stacey Smoker for Senses NY Salon & Spa • Photography: Andrew Werner  • Photos Courtesy of Professional Beauty Association