Blackwood for Men

A new men’s grooming and lifestyle brand, Blackwood For Men was designed to elevate the essence of the modern gentleman by offering access to fine grooming products at an affordable price. With most product ranging from $15 - $20, the manly collection includes 11 new paraben-free and cruelty-free hair care, face and body products that redefine expectations by combining high-grade packaging, advanced technology from Japan, and unparalleled botanicals. Harsh formulations have been replaced with soothing and hydrating ingredients, such as Persimmon Tannin, Tanakura Clay, Licorice Root, Tsubaki Oil, Green Tea, and Activated Charcoal. All products come in distinctive packaging designed with practicality and ergonomics. 

“Our products are made for the active man, the everyday gent who cares about his skin and hair and wants to do it with style,” says VP of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications, Tonie Shin. 

Blackwood For Men hair care line composes of the Active Man (daily usage shampoo and conditioner), HydroBlast (moisturizing shampoo and conditioner), Hair Hydrator, and BioFuse Hair Sculpting Gel. The face care line features the BioNutrient Foaming Face Wash, Acne-Xpunge Foaming Face Wash and Cooling Clay Facial Wash. The body care line includes the Pure Moisture Body Wash and signature Charcoal Bar. 

Blackwood For Men just launched in July at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas and is available online.