Alternative Hair Show

In the world of hair, beauty and fashion, there is a continually evolving and enduring journey, stimulating creativity and inspiring our peers to push their artistry to new limits. Alternative Hair has continued to showcase artistic hairdressers from across the globe, enticing them to take their creativity to ever more daring heights without limitations, exposing their work to an enthralled audience.This creative journey has brought hairdressing teams together for the mutual charitable benefit but has also brought them together as a global artistic force.

The 34th Alternative Hair Show took place on Sunday, October 16th, 2016 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, raising £190,319.50 (or $238,251.47 USD) for Fighting Leukemia.

This year’s theme: Odyssey, proved highly inspirational for the 20 artistic hair teams from across the world participating in the Show. Combining amazing hair styling, makeup and fashion styling with impressive choreography, each show enthralled, entertained and impressed the audience of 5,000 attendees.

The 2016 teams were presented to the audience by Alternative Hair Founder, Tony Rizzo and Worldwide President, Anthony Mascolo. Each team received a handmade award created by Wil & El Esser.

Aptly dubbed “Odyssey”, the 34th Alternative Hair Show, was a time to remember the voyage Tony Rizzo and the many supportive international hair teams have taken since the very first Show at Camden Palace in October 1983.  Hairstyles have changed, fashion has taken its own spectacular journey and audiences have grown, but the enduring support from the professional world of hairdressing, the global trade media and the charity sponsors, remains constant.

The Alternative Hair exists to support funding and research for Leukemia and many other blood cancers. Every show is held in memory of Valentino Rizzo, Tony and Maggie Rizzo’s first-born son, who sadly died of Leukemia at the age of 2 years.

Since Tony began his relentless fight to raise funds to support the search for a cure for Leukemia, as well as supporting families going through the traumatic experience of watching a child suffer, there have been vast changes in the treatment, care and survival rates.  While the results in the U.K. are now positive; in many parts of the world, children still have to suffer undignified and lonely treatment and the outcome is less optimistic. While Tony sees opportunity and need to carry on fund-raising, Alternative Hair will continue its creative expedition.

The 2016 Alternative Hair Show featured the creative line-up of international artistic teams including:

Alta Moda – Ireland • Anne Veck – UK • Anteo Geminiani – Italy • Bundy Bundy – Austria • Carlo Bay – Italy • Dmitry Vinokurov – Russia • Fehringer – Austria • Felicitas – Spain • Gogen – Italy • Klaus Peter Ochs – Germany • Kohsuke Visual Network – Japan • Laszlo Hajas – Hungary • Mahogany – UK • Mikel Luzea – spain • Robert Cromeans – USA • Robert Masciave – UK • Saco – UK • Sanrizz – UK • Sassoon – UK • TIGI Creative Team – UK

Photography: Alex Barron-Hough & Egbert Krupp