Lip Plumping Hacks

It's been years since lip plumping turned mainstream and yet the love affair with a sexy, voluptuous pout hasn't waned. Social media, magazine spreads and a host of makeup brands continue to put the lips front and center.  Fullips creator and founder, Linda Gomez, explains, “As women age, their lips tend to thin so having them fuller gives (the) face an overall more balanced look.”

Alas, for those of us with whom genetics or father time hasn't been so kind, there are some quick techniques to help bring the fullness back.  A few minutes and some know-how can save you the trouble of expensive clinical enhancements. Try one of these surgery-free hacks to get your lips on track. 

Photo: Kylie Jenner instagram - @kyliejenner


Overlining, or drawing outside of the natural lip line, is one of the finest hacks ever created. Simply trace around the perimeter of your lips with a sharpened lip liner. Next fill them in and top with lipstick. Add more dimension by applying a lipstick two shades lighter to the center of the bottom lip. Clean up edges with a concealer and voila. Even Angie would be proud.

Photo: Carmencitta Magazine

Naturally DIY

The drugstore offers plenty of plumping glosses and balms whose tingly formulas stimulate blood flow to the lips causing them to gently swell.  For next to nothing you can create your own and, if you could give yourself a few hours of fullness for pennies on the dollar, why wouldn't you?  To achieve, melt your favorite emollient in a bowl over a double boiler. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon oil or cayenne powder, both for more impact, and set aside to cool. Pour the mixture back into a travel friendly tube or cosmetics pot.

Tools of the Trade

Plumping tools range from simple and adorable to outrageous and intimidating. Each promise near instant, however temporary, results lasting upwards of three hours. One of the more popular and highly rated options is the Fullips Enhancer.  

“I originally created Fullips because at age 50 I noticed my lips thinning and wanted a natural option,” says Gomez. Available in three sizes, its suction cup design is easy to master. A word of warning: follow the directions closely in order to avoid any unsightly bruising or discomfort. Remember the fallout of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? Yeah, exactly - but don't worry. Fitted with the right size and a little practice you'll be puckering up with joy in no time.  

Photo: Coldmoon

PR maven, beauty editor and naturalista Kimberly Smith is a busy mom with an ULTA addiction, who cherishes family time, music on vinyl and mascara.